Saturday, January 31, 2004

Static-X - Invincbile

This moment in time
This moment defined
How is it I feel nothing?
Just don't say goodbye
You say to me
I'm trying to do the right thing

This moment in time
This moment defined
How is it I feel nothing?

It's alright

And we sneak a call
And we're like thieves
I love the times like these
Just don't say goodbye
Just won't you please
I'm trying to do the right thing

It's alright

All my life I was in the cold
Now I find I feel nothing more
Leave me to learn
Leave me to hurt
Now I'm not so invincible

It's just come to this you know

Friday, January 30, 2004

Virginia, D-tip, and Boring Speech Class

OK, it's been a few days since I wrote in my blog, so I figured this would be the perfect time do to do. OK, the other day (Jan 28th), I had to take a Psychological Research crap, because it's required by my Psych 120 class. I guess this is how they get people to participate in their research because no one wanted to do it. But, I got lucky, really lucky. I showed up at the Research Clinic, which is this small red house near Old Shell Road on South Alabama campus. They told me to bring a CD that I thought was relaxing, so I brought along the Linkin Park - Meteora CD (I know, it's not really "relaxing", but what the hell, lol). As I enter the building, I fill out this stupid questionaire (they make you sign this disclaimer of sorts, saying that you're gonna go under research). After I fill it out, this hot chick took me to this small room and I sat down in this nice chair. Then she said she couldn't find any leads to use for the experiment (you know, those things they put on you to monitor your heart rate, etc..) So, I got the credit for the research, but I didn't have to do anything. I lucked out.

Kevin Rose of thebroken may contact me via phone soon, to chat with me, because he's considering making me a mod for the forums. That's just awesome stuff.

And speech class is still boring. I'm in my English 102 class right now, which hasn't started yet. I'm bored.

More Updates Later...

Monday, January 26, 2004

I'm sitting outside my public speach class right now, class starts in about 20 minutes. I hate this class, because, well, I don't care for making speaches. Kinda boring if you ask me.I'd rather be at home right now, compiling a linux kernel, or flaming some n00b on Thebroken forums. Speaking of thebroken, Episode 3 should be out soon, I can't wait to see it. I should start doing some more wardriving soon, but I don't know where else to look. I don't think Alabama is a Wi-Fi kinda place.

OK, I'm back home now. I've been back home for almost 5 hours now. I haven't felt all that great today. I feel kinda worn out, like I wish I didn't have to do anything. So luckily for me, I only had one class this morning. Nothing really interesting is going on, so today's entry has got to be the most boring one. Sorry all my readers for not having anything cool going on today. I may wardrive this weeked, or go see another movie, or something. Oh yeah, besides looking through my archived months here, did you know I used to have another blog?
Go to: and read all my past entries. I actually started the whole blog thing about a month or two before my first semester in college, and now it's my 2nd semester. I have all kinds of good stories there. Lets see...a stupid bitch that ran into me, trying to get a job, blaster worm chaos, my first day of college, and so on. So, I encourage you guys to read it, and if you wanna comment on one of them, do it here, because I never really go there myself too much. Ok, well, more updates later...

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Changing Time

The movie was awesome! I loved it! I don't want to spoil it for the people that haven't seen it yet, but I'm willing to bet you'll like it as well. I wish I could go back to past events and change them....I have way too many stories from my past I wish I could change. But oh well, I guess it's impossible.

It's 1:30AM right now, and I'm tired. I've got to work on a bunch of work for my classes tomorrow.
More Updates Later...
Slack, PHLAK, and POP3

Yeah, I know, that title sucks. But whatever. I've been playing around with a bunch of Linux distros, and I'm "trying" to boot up a newly installed Slackware 9. From the looks of it, it's not loading my KDE desktop like I told it to durring the install. It gave me a text prompt, which I logged in as root (yeah yeah, I know, root is bad) but I was testing it out...after I entered my password, it brought me to the root promt, and I have no idea what to do. I wanna learn linux in the confines on a distro that has KDE or at least fluxbox. Oh well, I'll format this biotch for the 100th time, and install a "friendlier" distro, one that works well with Linux n00bs like me. Oh, and don't start thinking I'm a n00b. After all, I am the god of Windows, so don't mess with me, fool, or I'll pull a BSOD on ya! lol

As you can tell, I'm board. I also just woke up from a nap not that long ago. I'm planning on going to see "The Butterfly Effect" at 9:55 tonight at my local cinema. I picked the last showing of the night because I like being out late, it's kinda fun. It's 5:18 right now, so I have a little bit of time before I have to leave. When I get back from the movies, I'll write on here how I thought the movie was.

More Updates Later...

Friday, January 23, 2004

Sorry I haven't been writing lately, I'm getting lazy, lol. I just got my book I ordered on B&N yesterday, "Running Linux, 2nd Edition". It's really awesome, for a Linux newb like me. Anyway, nothing else much to say. Oh yeah, in a couple of hours from now, I have to give a speech in Public Speaking class. Oh joy. But the good news is we have to talk about ourselves, which is easy for me, hehe. More Updates Later...

Monday, January 19, 2004

I updated my Linux Kernel to 2.6.1 today. I've never done it before, it was a good learning experience. Reason #1 for lack of updates everyday: school. So I'm not dead, just tired, busy, bored, etc...

Look, it's part of the commands I had to use to install the new kernel!

cd /usr/src
tar -xzvf linux-2.6.1.tar.gz
cd linux-2.6.0
make menuconfig
make bzImage
make install
make modules
make modules_install

and so on....

Anyways, I'm tired. I have school tomorrow, yay...More Later...

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I've had a really long week, and it's not over with yet. I started back to my 2nd semester at college, and it's crazy. I have Public Speaking, PreCal Algebra, Psychology, and English 102. My Psychology class meets only 1 time per week, and it's at night, from 6PM - 8:30PM (!!!!). Yeah, I know, it is insane, but oh well. I have to leave in about an hour to go to my PreCal class, and I'll be done for the day. After I get home, I'm gonna swap harddrives in my desktop, and install FreeBSD. I really wanna learn some Linux/UNIX commands, and I really want to get into it. So, I figured this is the best way. I just ordered a book online from Barnes&Nobles, for $1. Yeah, the book was on sale, so I knew I had to have it. It's a book all about Linux, it's made for Linux newbs like me. Maybe one day I'll finally learn that OS. Until then, I stick with WindowsXP.

More Updates Later...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Well, after a few days of not writing in my blog, I'll let you know all the new stuff that's been happening. OK, I went to the mall and I went to 13 (!!!!) stores and picked up employment applications for them. I came home, filled them out, and took them back the next day. So far I haven't heard from anyone, but I haven't given it enough time. On a lighter note, I'm planning to go to QuakeCon2004 this year! I hope everything works out and that I can go!

...Classes start back tomorrow.....noooooo! College is cool and all, but it sucks when 1.) You don't know where the hell to go and you get lost trying to find your class 2.) You have no idea who teaches the class and if they're an ass or not 3.) You don't know ANYONE in the class

Wish me luck for tomorrow...

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I have to get a job. I need one badly. So, today I go and apply EVERYWHERE. I'm hitting the mall, and I already have like 11 stores lined up. I really wanna work at CircuitCity, I applied there about 4 months or so ago, and I guess they didn't want me. Well, I'm going down there and explain to them why they need me. And trust me, they need me. I'm just gonna lay down terms left and right, and answer all their questions. I hope they don't turn me away with BS like: "You've already applied here, you have to wait longer before you apply again." lol. Maybe I can work somewhere with electronics. Well, I'm gonna leave in a few hours. More Later...

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I'm redesigning my blog soon, it's getting ghey. All my old entries will still be here. And comment on my posts! lol

edit: I hate re-designing Blogger. It only comes with like 5 templates, so I'm gonna have to code it myself. I'm just not used to the type of code they use.
The other day I made a special trip over to the mall. I walked into my local GameStop, and...I preordered Doom III for PC!!!!!!!!!!! Hell ya!! Unless you've been living in a cave for a really long time, you should know what Doom is. For those people that don't, it's a FPS (First Person Shooter) video game, and you basically blow shit up. For example, the BFG (Big Fucking Gun) is great. I mean, shoot it into a crowd of demons, and watch the blood fly. Now, 6 years later, after Doom II, Doom III is getting close to coming out. I used to play the old Doom 2 all the time. Wanna see the graphical difference of Doom 2 vs Doom 3? I know you do, so here it is:



Do you see the difference? Hehe, thought so. I've been waiting for this game for 6 fuckin' years. I remember playing Doom 2, and beating it, and wondering, "When is the next one coming out?" Today, I get to say "A few more months..."

Oh yeah, I forgot something. Around the same time as Doom 3, something big is happening. Maybe I'll talk about it in my next post, but here's an image that many of you will know exactly what I'm talking about:

...I love video games, 2004 will be the biggest year for hardcore gamers. You know who you are. More later...

Monday, January 05, 2004

I know it's been awhile since my last update. I'm getting fucking lazy on blogging for some reason. Nothing really much as been going on. I've been putting a lot of kickass shit on my DA account (which I posted the link to in my last post). On one of my comments for my post, I was asked to list some sites that I visit, so I'l do that now:

OK, well, there's a nice little selection. I have over 200 sites bookmarked, so don't think that's all I visit. If you wanna catch up with me sometime, I'm usually on thebroken forums or IRC. Go to, and #thebroken. Chat with some cool peeps.

Oh yeah, I was in a yahoo chat room the other day with my friend, and that place has gone to hell. I mean, people are shouting over the mic stuff like this:

"Fuck you bitch! Get my IP! Get it! You fucking pussy!
"Man, STFU, I could get ur IP."
"Look, I'll boot your ass with a prog that someone sent me."
"Bitch, you can't boot me!"
"Ho, listen, I got this prog from teh underground, I can find your IP and boot ur ass from yahoo."
"Oh, and what the hell, why are you bringing your bots into this??!?"

I kid you not, that's yahoo. That place is like a fuckin' script kiddie playground. Talking about booters and shit. They need to learn some respect and learn some real skills. I dare one of those idiots to come to #thebroken IRC channel and talk that shit. Watch their ass get banned for life in 2 seconds flat. Hehe, they have no idea. They need some admins in those yahoo chats!

OK, enough rambling. I need to get some sleep. College classes start back in 1 week. Noooo! Fuck! lol

More Updates Later...