Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Sign Me Up

Today was an interesting day. First, I headed over to Public Speaking class, and listened to 3 speeches. I found 1 of those speeches to be quite interesting, because the speaker was mentioning the IT industry a lot. And, if you couldn't tell already, I'm an IT (Information Technology) major. So, after that short class, I went to my car, and went to Old Shell Rd. (as opposed to University/Moffet 98). About half a mile away on Old Shell, was a small "house", for "Career Services Center". I need a job, so I was on South Alabama's website last night, and found out about this place. I drove up and parked, and got out. All I could see were two doors, and one said "Employees Only", so I went for the 2nd door. It was locked. So, I went around the building and found a 3rd door, to which I concluded was the main entrance, so I went in. There was a small halway leading right into a desk. I talked to this guy behind the desk about getting started, since I've never been here before. He told me to talk with the lady at the other desk at the end of the hall, towards my right. So, I go in, and this lady was real nice (I didn't get her name, but I probably will be going back again). I talked to her about my needs as a student, and how I need cash, as well as experience. I told her I was in IT, and that I'm a Freshman this semester. She told me that to really get into the benefits of the CSC, I'd had to have finished at least 24 hours at South, and to be a Sophomore (all which will be true this coming August).

But, she did say that they have a bulitin board with part-time jobs posted on it, and I wrote down 5 buisnesses that looked interesting. So, I drove back, had to be behind some really slow people that can't drive, and now I'm back home. Tomorrow I will get to see what I made on my Cal test, pick up that insurance paper that's taking them 2 days to sign, and participate in a 1-hour credit Psych Research, for my Psych 120 class. Remember about 2 months or so ago, when I went to undergo some research? Well, that only counted has 1-hour credit, and I need 2-hours total credit for this class. So, tomorrow I get to be a lab rat. Hehe, crazy times...

Oh, and don't leave stupid comments. I've had some people leave really really dumb comments over the past few days, so I had to delete them.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Whoa, Close Call

I have about 20 minutes before I leave for Psych class, and I was browsing around the South Alabama website, when I came across this article. I remember driving around yesterday on campus, waiting for my advising, and also going over to Ed's dorm, that I smelled what they were talking about. Now, I didn't write that in my blog yesterday because I didn't think anything of it. It said that it happened around 5:45PM, but I think that's when it was reported. Because I know I smelled a strong chemical odor. But as soon as I read that story on their webpage, I was like "Fuck" because I had smelled it. Lets hope I don't die now, lol.
Taking Tests

Today is "test day". I have 2 tests, a cal test, and a psych 120 test. I just got back from taking my cal test, and I think I did pretty good on it. After I got done, I walked to the building next door, the Administration Building, seen here:

I had to take a paper that my dad got, from my health insurance, and I needed to get the registrar to sign and seal the paper. So, I entered the building, and there was a small line (me and 2 other people, I was in the middle). The girl behind me had her daughter with her, and all I kept hearing was "mommy, mommy....waaaaaaaaa!" Over and over again. Man, that WILL get on your nerves after awhile. So then it's my turn, I had the registrar my paper, and ask her to sign and seal it. But, she says that "Well, we don't do it like that. We use our own paper." I'm thinking to myself "Oh yeah, your paper is the shit! My paper sucks. Fuck it" Haha, anyways, I had to fill out this paper with my student ID, DOB, name, phone number, etc... And I had to sign the their paper. Then, she said that I have to come and pick it up, it'll be ready in 2 days. Now, I started thinking to myself "Why the hell does it take 2 days to sign a fucking piece of paper?". Well, I left there, and came back home. Now, I'm cooking food and trying to rationalize about this test I have in about 7 hours. I don't wanna take it, but I have to.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Busy Day

OK, I arrived at Public Speaking class today, and it was a pretty laid back class today. Amy was talking about our upcoming speeches we have to make, and whatnot. This time the speech is "Current Events". So, for my current event speech, I'm talking about PCI-Express.

The PCI Express Logo

So, after that, it was time to go home...but not on this day. I had something to do. I got out of class at 10:56AM, and I had to be at the FCE 19 building at 12:30 PM. That's about 1 hour and 30 minutes of free time. I didn't want to drive back home, since it would have eaten gas and I live about 20-25 minutes away. So, I got in my car, and drove to the CIS building, just a few feet away from FCE 19. But, I stayed out in the courtyard, hoping I could find some Wi-Fi. I was, after all, in the heart of the Computer classes. And I found one, "ubergamerz". But, alas, it was WEP. I almost decided to warwalk the courtyard to find the AP, and ask if I could have the WEP key (cause I wanted to surf the web). But, I decided to go into the computer labs, where, as a student, I get free access to them.

So, I go in, hand the overseeer my Student ID card, he scans it into the computer...and it red flags it. Looks as if I hadn't paid my computer lab fee, to use the computers. I was like "WTF?". Last semester, I was in and out of the labs, for free internet. I had, after all, paid my fees. So with a confused look on my face, I asked him why that was happening, since I really don't have control of the payments, because I get Student Loans (thanks to FAFSA). So, I was kinda pissed off, my fees for the computer lab were supposed to be paid. So, still wanting my internet access, I got back into my car, and drove to the dorms. I went to Ed's dorm, and sat right outside the door, and was online via Wi-Fi. I surfed the net, and I even sent an IM to Ed (but he never responded). I was going to tell him I was mooching off his wireless internet, haha. So, I surfed around for a bit, and it was about 12:06, when I decided to leave and head back to the computer buildings/FCE 19 (FCE is Faculty Court East, it's in the middle of all the buildings that serve for computer classrooms). I was in my car, getting ready to back out, and all of the sudden Ed shows up at my passenger side window. He said he thought that was me on his network (he doesn't mind if I use his wireless). I guess some of his roommates saw me sitting outside with my laptop (as they were entering the dorm) I guess they thought I was wierd, sitting outside someone's dorm with a laptop. They gave me odd looks, lol.

So, I arrive at the FCE courtyard, (mind you, I'm wearing my "Wardriver" t-shirt) I'm sure there were more than a few people there that knew what it meant, since I was among people like me...all the geeks were there for advising, just like me. So, I entered FCE 19, and sat down. I had my temp schedule filled out, and waited for the advisers to show up. About 5-10 minutes later, they arrived, with everyone's personal folder. I got my folder, and on a carbon copy piece of paper, transfered my information to it. Then, one of the advisers came over to check my schedule, and make sure I could take those classes, and whatnot. I had to change Intro to Physics (104), into Intro to Physics w/ Algebra and Calculus (114). Oh great, thanks a lot. Fuckers. Because standard Physics "isn't good enough" for an ITE (Information Technology) major like myself. So, I got them to sign off on my schedule for next semester, and I said "Thank You", and proceeded to leave. Fuck, it was getting close to 1PM, and I hadn't had anything to eat or drink all day. I was more than ready to go home. And to top it off, I have 2 fucking tests tomorrow. Oh, and I just checked online, my Financal Aid stuff for college, seems as if they didn't charge me for the computer lab fee. WTF? Why? I'm a computer major, shouldn't I have access to their computers?

Well, more later...

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Here We Go Again...

Yes, it's that time again. Time for me to go to advising, pick classes for next year, and study the hell out for my upcoming tests (which are, by the way, fucked up) Take my Psych 120 class, we have a test in a few days...on 7 chapters! WTF? Is he out of his fuckin' mind? That's a lot of information to take in. Ehh, it's BS I tell u, BS. Anyways, I had to pick classes that I wanna take next semester, and this is what I've decided on:

Intro to Physics
Intro to Programming (Java)
Intro to Graphic Design
Small Group Communication

I may pick up one more class, but I'll have to see. I have to meet, at FCE 19 on Monday, at 12:30 PM (about 1 hour and 30 minutes after Public Speaking class). I have to meet with my CIS advisers on picking classes, and I have to bring in a temp schedule, and they have to approve it. Guess what? Spring Semester 2005 will be hella fun, because I'm going to be starting my main courses then. I get to start off with "Intro to Information Technology". Hell ya!!!

Well, more later...

Friday, March 26, 2004

Softimage|XSI EXP

I've been using this awesome program, called "Softimage|XSI EXP". Now, I've known about Softimage|XSI for awhile now, it's in the same class of programs as Alias Maya, discreet's 3ds max, newtek's lightwave 3d, etc... It's a 3D rendering/modelling program, which I found out costs around $11,000 US dollars!! Damn! But...because of some work that their competitors have done in the way of FREE 3D programs (Alias Maya Personl Learning Edition, discreet gmax, etc) But, out of all of those programs, EXP is THE best. Here's a screenshot I found for it:

It was designed for people to create their own models, maps, weapons, and anything else they can dream of, and then import it into Half-Life 2. Now, HL2 isn't out yet, and won't be for months. But if you have a desire for 3D animation, and might want to make something for Half-Life 2 when it ships, I encourage you to check it out. Here's a link to their site:

Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Hunt For Moon Roof

9:06 AM - OK, I'm back at Precal class again. I'm sitting outside the classroom right now, waiting for the other class to finish so I can go in. But, while I wait, I decided to see if I could pick up "Moon Roof" again. And I did, and this time, I got around -65 with the signal. (When I scanned it in the classroom a few days ago, I was getting like -88) Sooo...being that I'm not very far away from my seat in my class, I think it's really close by. I may or may not try to find it after class today (I never know what I'm going to do). I wish it wasn't WEP encrypted (I COULD crack it, but I don't want to, kinda goes against my, I'm sure it would take a hella long time, and if the router was made post 2002, Airsnort would have no effect)

If I find the classroom that the router happens to be in, I might (if the teacher isn't busy) ask for the WEP code. Hey, I just want internet while I'm at school. Is that so much to ask for? Ehh, my class is going to start real soon...

9:36 AM - "...the degree of the polynomial..." *cough*boring*cough*

10:12 AM - (starts to realize why I never became a Math or Engineering major)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

To Overdrive, or not to Overdrive?

My car (Nissan 240SX) has Overdrive. I'm not much of a car person, so I'll try to explain it the best way I know. OK, if you have Overdrive turned off, you get better acceleration (up to like 55mph), and with Overdrive turned on, you get better speed and performance going 60mph or higher. One thing I DIDN'T know was that turning Overdrive off, it starts to eat gasoline like a bitch. Overdrive off=gas whore. And I'm low enough on gas. I had Overdrive turned off this morning, and I was on 1/4 tank of gas. I realized it was eating gas about halfway through my drive to class, and by the time I got to class, I'm almost on E!!! Shit! Hopefully I can drive home without running out of fuel. Damn Overdrive being off. It does feel good to have access to faster acceleration, but at what cost? Fuel? Gas is expensive. Overdrive stays on forever now. More updates later.

OK, made it back home. I had enough gas. Woohoo! Now I need to fill up for sure!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Evil Intentions

OK, I'm sitting outside my Psych 120 class right now, waiting for it to start, and there's 3 people (2 females, 1 male), standing about 10 feet away from me. I'm overhearing their conversations, and it seems as if they want to play a cruel joke of some sorts on some poor guy. Man, they sound stupid. Making fun of him to his back and all. They're laughing constantly, like they're drunk or something. And the WHOLE time (I'd say about 10-15 minutes) is just laughing, talking, laughing, talking, etc...Mostly about some "guy" they wanna punk. Anyways, I have to go to class now.
Come Get Episode 3, All You Newcommers! has been...Slashdotted!!! If you wanna check it out, I have downloads to Episode3 of thebroken video series. It's a show, all about hacking, and the underground of computers. So go check it out!

Direct Download:

BitTorrent Mirror:

You'll also need the Divx codec to play this video, so go here to download the codec:
Waking Up Early

Oww, my eyes hurt. Yep, woke up wayy too early this morning. But I had to go to Precal class, which sucks. This class is too early in the morning. Anyway, I shot some video of my driving around yesterday, made a rough edit, put some music in it, and it's pretty cool right now. But, I'd have to get some more video, and re-edit it. Hell, I don't even know if I even wanna post it, because I'm sure it's sucky.

I have a Psych 120 class tonight, and my group has to give a presentation, and I'm the one in charge of the PowerPoint part. But, besides the fact I completely forgot about it durring Spring Break, only 1 person (out of like 4 or so) e-mailed me a copy of their section of the presentation. So how the hell am I supposed to create this PowerPoint file this afternoon?!? I'll put it together as soon as I get home from Precal, using all the data I have now. I can only hope I have time in class tonight to get everyone else's papers to compile, so I better bring an extra CD-R (to burn the powerpoint data, to use on the computer that's got the overhead connected to it)

I'm actually sitting in Precal class right now, with about 13 minutes left to go until the class starts. Just about me an 3 other people in here right now. Well, more later.

Woah, (10 minutes later from "more later")! I've scanned this building, and this classroom many times with netstumbler, and I've never picked up anything before. And now, I picked up an AP! The SSID is MoonRoof, and is WEP is enabled. Here's the Wi-Fi text:

# $Creator: Network Stumbler Version 0.3.30
# $Format: wi-scan with extensions
# Latitude Longitude ( SSID ) Type ( BSSID ) Time (GMT) [ SNR Sig Noise ] # ( Name ) Flags Channelbits BcnIntvl
# $DateGMT: 2004-03-23
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:24 (GMT) [ 16 65 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:26 (GMT) [ 0 0 0 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:34 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:35 (GMT) [ 16 65 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:36 (GMT) [ 16 65 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:37 (GMT) [ 0 0 0 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:38 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:39 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:40 (GMT) [ 0 0 0 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:42 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:43 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:44 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:45 (GMT) [ 14 63 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:46 (GMT) [ 19 68 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:47 (GMT) [ 19 68 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:48 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:49 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:50 (GMT) [ 0 0 0 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:51 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:52 (GMT) [ 17 66 49 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0
N 0.0000000 E 0.0000000 ( MoonRoof ) BBS ( 00:30:bd:c4:c2:d8 ) 15:23:53 (GMT) [ 0 0 0 ] # ( ) 0011 0800 0

Sunday, March 21, 2004

A Day In The Life Of...

I had a cool idea while listening to Celldweller. I'm going to bring my camera with me for a few days, and document the stuff I do on a daily basis. But, my cheap digital camera doesn't have a mic or mic input. Only video. Which in this case is actually a good thing, because I'm gonna throw down some awesome tracks, probably by Celldweller, I just discovered this band, and they're awesome. So, what does everyone think of this idea?
Cat With Hands

Are you guys up for a freaky short movie? I found this online, thought I'd share it with everyone. Here it is:

Saturday, March 20, 2004

In a few days....

In a few days, I have to go back to my classes. Fuck! It's not that I hate learning cool shit, it's just the "waking up early, driving to class, sitting around for awhile, come back home" part. I need to at least get some Wi-Fi going in my classes, but I've scanned before with NetStumbler, and I didn't find anything. And, I'm officially fucked up my hair. See that color bar up top? That's the colors I went through! As I write this, my hair is the last color on the right. I used a 5x5 point sample in Photshop, with some photos I took of my hair. First, I bleached it, but it wasn't strong enough, so it left my hair kinda dark orange. Looked kinda cool. So then I bleach it again with some "industrial strength" bleach, and make my hair a fuckin' lamp it's so damn bright. Looks odd. So I decided to color it red. Well that turned it into a fucked up "candy apple, punk, bright ass red" color (very unnatural, and odd looking). So not wanting to go to class like that, my aunt is coming over tomorrow to color it back to brown, my natural hair color. And in a few months from now, when I get a haircut, I'm going to bleach it again. But fuck no, not the WHOLE head of hair. I'm going to do what I've done twice before, and liked it each time. I'm going to pull some strands of my hair through a cap, and bleach the tips, and make it look kickass. I've done it before, loved it. And I thought bleaching all my hair this time would be cool. Was I ever wrong. Well, live and learn. I'm gonna take my freaky ass red hair and go to bed now.

Friday, March 19, 2004




EDIT: Images are now back up! Woohoo! (stupid fuckin' server)

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Enjoying Spring Break

Well, I'm enjoying my spring break so far. And I've realized I need to write more in my blog, because sometimes I go for days without an entry, and sometimes they're short. I plan on turning my blog into a book after college, filled with 4 years of experiences and whatnot. It'll be a fun thing to do, and if I can't find a publisher, I can go with OnDemand publishing. For my spring break, this is what I've done:

* Went to see "Secret Window" on Friday night
* Install Server 2003 and Fedora Core 1 onto my laptop with ease, thanks to VPC 2004
* Create more awesome Photoshop artwork, and at the same time people from everywhere are asking me to make something for them
* Listen to music really really loud for long periods of time
* Drive my car hard to keep the engine in good shape
* Bleach my hair (1st attempt: Orange, 2nd will be this afternoon, where I will take it to blonde)
* Talk to mah girl Jamie a whole lot
* Discovered a few new bands

And that's all I can think of at this moment. Hmm, maybe this time next year, I might have some money, and I'll take a vacation, to say Cancun. Sounds nice.

Also, I turn 19 next month, April 10th. So, think about what you want to buy me, hehe.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Go Download!
I put together a video of some of my artwork I've done, and I set it to a song from the Underworld OST. It's around 5MB, and it's a WMV, so you'll need Windows Media Player 9 if you don't already have it.

Well, because I kept resizing my NTFS partition, and making it FAT32, then ext2, then back as NTFS, it left my hard drive with a lot of fragmentation. I had to defrag last night, here's the before and after (red is fragmented files):

Monday, March 15, 2004

Fucking Genius!

Microsoft has once again redeemed themselves. Being in college as an IT major, I get access to all kinds of FREE microsoft products. We just got a new one added to the list, and it's a program some of you might have heard of before. Microsoft Virtual PC 2004. This program is sooo damn awesome. Here's some screenshots of what I did with it:

Hey look, I'm running Windows Server 2003 while running Windows XP Pro! Kickass!

Holy shit, do you see what I'm doing now?:

That's right, I'm INSTALLING Fedora!!! And I'm using NTFS!!!!

And look here, I'm running RedHat Fedora Core 1 LINUX on top of WindowsXP Pro!!! And my crappy broadcom 802.11g works with it!!! No need to use the Ndiswrapper!!!!

"Do you think that's air you're breathing now? Again!" - Morpheus

I'm going to try to dual boot again. This time I'm archiving my Fedora Core 1 discs, in favor of another distro of Linux. Debian 3.0r2 "woody". I'm downloading as I write this, and I'm currently at 31% of a 585MB ISO file. This distro will allow me to define the modules I want to install durring the installation process. So I'm going say "F U" to PCMCIA (since I don't use it). That way I don't get an IRQ conflict. Genius! I'll keep everyone posted on sucess/failures.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

People's Choice Award

I won a contest on, it was the first Official Photoshop Challenge. As you can see, that image of the watch was my entry into the competetion. I won with about 54% of the vote, so I got the "People's Choice Award". I get a free "thebroken" t-shirt, which is pretty awesome. The theme for the challenge was "Hacking the night away".
Fsck It!

Damn, I'm pissed. OK, here's what happened:

I found an awesome program called "BootIt NG", that resizes NTFS partitions into the size and type you want. So, I used it to resize my 40GB HD, and I created a 7GB FAT32 partition for the Linux install. So, I get that done, and boot from the Fedora Core 1 disc, and I go through the entire install process. And bam! FC1 and WinXP Pro are sitting together side-by-side with GRUB. I boot into XP, and it works fine. I boot into Fedora, and a major problem comes up.

It turns out that my ACPI anf PCMCIA both want an IRQ of 11, causing Fedora to hang at the boot process. On top of that, it hates being turned off improperly, and starts reporting errors on the disc (which I tell it to fix, but each restart fucks it up again). So I had to enter FSCK to fix the drive (but like I said, still didn't do shit on the next reboot) I tried various commands at the bootloader before the 2.4 Kernel, such as nopcmcia=yes noacpi=yes, etc..... No luck.

I'm getting worried about my XP install, worried that I'll fuck something up, and I can't have that (even though I've backuped up my data and have the XP disc, I just don't want to have to go through all of that shit again)

So I gave up, deleted the 7GB partition in XP, booted from the XP disc and did a FIXMBR, and used BootIt NG to resize my MBR partition, to regain the 7GB of data back onto my XP drive. Maybe I'll give it another shot in a few days. And while I'm no Linux expert, I have installed RedHat9, Slack, Mandrake, DSL, Debian, and Knoppix to my Hard Drive before, but it was on my old desktop system (which didn't have any problems as my laptop seems to have). I just wish I had 2 hard drives on my laptop, then I wouldn't be so worried about fscking up my XP. The reason: The computer is the central part of my life, and if something happens to my install, that would just suck.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Living Dangerously

I'm tired of *just* running WindowsXP Pro, so I've decided to download and install RedHat Fedora Core 1(it's Linux, BTW). I just finished burning the last ISO (all 3 of 'em), and now I'm sitting here deciding my next move. Everything was going cool, and then I realized I'm using NTFS! Fuck Fuck. I need it to be FAT32 so RH FC1 can create partitions on my drive (I'm installing this to my laptop as well). I've already backed up all my data to my Win2k3 Server, so there's no risk involved. So it looks like I'm going to have to reinstall XP Pro with the FS as FAT32, get all my drivers and windows updates perfect, install all my XP apps, and so on. Then, install FC1 onto my laptop. If everything goes well, I'll be dual-booting WindowsXP Professional and RedHat Fedora Core 1 via the GRUB bootloader. This is gonna take hours, and I'm not kidding. The worst part for me is not having my laptop and apps to play with and use durring the time. But hey, like I said, I'm living dangerously, hehe.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Secret Window

"Youu stull mah stow-ree"
I went to go see "Secret Window" tonight, at the 10PM showing. It fuckin' rocked. I don't wanna say much about it, since it might give away the story, but I think all my readers should go watch it.

And I know a teacher *cough*AMY*cough* that would LOVE this movie, because it has a direct "no no" to people that plagiarize. And I know English and Speech Teachers hate those types of people.

And thus begins my Spring Break. While Amy is off in la-la land taking a vacation, I'm stuck with not much to do this entire week. Maybe I should play around with my ADS and VPN server.

And I'm in love with a girl named Jamie. :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2004

My friend's fucked up truck

My friend Sam fucked up his truck the other day, which I explained what happened in a previous post. Here's some photos he sent me of the damage to his truck:

As you can tell, it got messed up pretty badly. I just hope he can fix it without spending too much money.
I got an A, beotch!

Yeah, that's right, I got a 90 (A) on my last speech, Cryptology and Ciphers. w00t!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Why does it take so long for Spring Break to arrive?

We have about 3 days of classes left before we get out for Spring Break. It seems like it's taking forever to get here, which isn't going over so well with me. My car is still fucking up from time to time, and I've posted my problems on some car forums, and they've been saying it sounds like it could be a bad gas filter, and that you can go buy a new one for around $10. I think it's a good investment, so I'm going to call my dad when I get home and see iof he can pick up one on the way back home.

And my friend Sam got his Ford truck messed up yesterday. In his own words:

"I was at an intersection today about to pull out when suddenly I got whammed in the driver's side by a semi. It punctured my left front section really bad, nearly destroyed my door, and tore up my front right wheel. I had to kick the fuckin door open to get out and saw that it was leaking antifreeze and shit, it sucked. The impact also busted up some of my interior panels and a/c vents. The body repair place told me it would cost at least a few thousand dollars for repairs, which I can never afford, therefore I'm screwed."

That sucks really bad. And here I am saying I have car problems. I hope he can get it fixed soon, because having a car is important.

Well, I'm about to go into Public Speaking class in a few minutes, when this other class leaves. Hopefully my car won't give me any trouble coming back home.

Oh yeah, I got my chapter 2 test back from Cal class. Remember my chapter 1 test was a 76? Well, this time, my chapter 2 test, I made a 80!! It's tough, but I can do it.

PS, just had to add this one: The class just dismissed, and all the people are coming out. One guy passed by me and says to his friend "I wonder if that's ethernet?" (referring to the wall jack near me) He didn't hear me, but I mumbled under my breath "It's RJ-11, you dumbass".

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


5:40 PM - Right now I am sitting in a desk outside my Psych 120 class, which doesn't start for another 20 minutes (I have to sit outside because our teacher isn't here yet). Today, I checked the oil in my car, and found it to be low, so my dad bought some Castrol 10X30 Motor Oil, and we got it filled up, because we think that could be the problem. The drive here this afternoon was OK, no problems. But I'm scared to drive sometimes, because I know there are times when, if it happens again, it could be really bad, depending on the traffic around me.

My Spring Break starts this weekend, and lasts all through the entire week next week. And I have nothing to do, nowhere to go. It's sad, I know. But I'm broke, lol. I am, however, going to go see "Secret Window" this Friday. Well, I'm gonna save this post and close the lid to my laptop, and put it in Standby Mode...I'm going to need all my battery power for this 2 & 1/2 hour Psych class tonight...

6:15 PM - Class is going on right now, and I'm taking notes on my new software I got, for free (thanks to the University of South Alabama and the MSDNAA). It's called Microsoft OneNote, and it fuckin' rules for note-taking in class. Now I have to get back to writing stuff down now...

6:33 PM - Psych teacher just had a "Freudian Slip" (how ironic). He said "sex"uation instead of situation..hahaha

Monday, March 08, 2004

My Car Decided to Fuck Up Today

By the way, that's a photo I took of my car. And Yep, exactly what the title says. I was driving to class this morning, to go to my Public Speaking class. As I pull into a turn lane to turn onto University Blvd. in the middle of a very busy Highway (98), my car locked up and decided to halfway die on me. The first thing I noticed was the steering wheel, and how I could barely turn the damn thing. Then, look at my dash, and about 3-4 warning lights are all on. And my gas pedal didn't work. So I coasted to a stop in the turn lane, and I turned my hazard lights on. I thought for a moment what to do, and I thought my car was done for. So, I threw it in park, turned off the ignition, and sat there for a few seconds. Then, I cranked it up, and it started up just fine. I put it in drive, and continued on to the campus. I was a little shook up, but I was OK. Then, as soon as I entered the campus (about 10 minutes later from the first incident), it did it to me AGAIN. So, I did the same thing I did last time, turned it off, and started it again, ran fine. So, I get to class this morning, and I immediately called my dad so he could help me out. My friend Amy was kind enough to lend me her cell phone to call my dad (thanks Amy!!!!), and he came to the campus around the time I got out today. He drove it around the parking lot some, and he drove behind me on the way home incase I broke down again. Luckily this never happened. My dad gave me some STP Gas Treatment, and I put that in my gas tank, as well as I bought some of the Super Premium Gasoline (OC93). It was around $1.79 for the expensive stuff, but I was more than happy to put it in, if it meant my car would act right. So my dad and I figured it was either some dirt or water in my gas tank, or maybe something electrical. So far as of now, it's running OK, and I have Calculus class and Psych 120 class tomorrow, so I hope I don't have any more problems.
Informative Speech: Cryptology and Ciphers



Informative: Cryptology and Ciphers
By Cody Rester

On a dark and lonely street in the middle of DC, one man knew a secret about something within the inner workings of the government. All of the sudden, two black cars pull up on either side of him, and several men jump out and begin to follow. The man with the secret begins to run, faster and faster. If the secret gets out, it could spell disaster for the government. In his pocket contains a mini hard drive, with only 1 file on it. This file is no ordinary file. It's encrypted with a triple-DES (3DES) encryption scheme. Out of nowhere, a bullet strikes him down, and the chase is over with. But not so fast, the enemy can't read what's contained on the hard drive. This is a major problem for them. Thankfully that one man was smart enough to secure his data from others.

Today I will inform you about Cryptology and Ciphers. First, I will talk about what encryption is, second, I will explain how it's used, and finally, I will talk about a few popular types of encryption. So, what is encryption? RSA Labs states that it is "the transformation of data into a form that is as close to impossible as possible to read without the appropriate knowledge". The original message being sent is called the plaintext, because it is easily readable. A key, which is secret information that only the transmitter and receiver of the message know to view the plaintext, is then created. Apply the key to the plaintext using a complex mathematical algorithm and you'll end up with ciphertext, or the final encrypted product of the original message. To reveal the original message, one will have to know the secret key and the algorithm that was used, to then decrypt the message.

Encryption is important for today's world, because many people have documents that could be sensitive, such as bank statements and private e-mails. When sending information online, it's important to use encryption because if it's sent in the clear anyone and everyone can potentially view it. When using encryption, a password hash is created using the cipher algorithm. I will talk about three different types of ciphers, Stream, Block, and DES, and inform you on how they work.

According to Oliver Pell, "A block cipher is a type of symmetric-key encryption algorithm that changes a fixed-length block of the plaintext into the same length of ciphertext." It uses the same length of the original message to encode it. For example, it you were to encrypt the word "APPLE" with a block cipher algorithm, the ciphertext would be 5 digits long, the exact same length as the original word.
Stream Ciphers are a bit more complex. It breaks the plaintext into units, and "It then encrypts the nth unit of the plaintext with the nth unit of the key stream", says Mr. Pell. Stream ciphers were designed to be much faster than block ciphers. A keysteam has to be made to change each unit, and one method for this is the Linear Feedback Shift Register (or LFSR).

Lastly, I will talk about DES encryption. According to the National Security Agency (NSA), DES stands for Data Encryption Standard. It was originally started at the NSA, under the codename "LUCIFER". DES uses 64-bit block sizes and a 56-bit key to secure the data. DES is a type of block cipher. Since 1998, the government has stopped using DES because cracking it was getting easier with new technology. In response to that, the NSA helped created triple-DES (3DES). It is the same as DES, but applied three times to create a 168-bit encryption key.

In conclusion, I have told you about encryption and what it is, how it is used, and a few types of popular encryption algorithms. Now the choice is left up to you, what do you have to hide?

Works Cited

"FAQ: What is Cryptography?"
RSA Security Vers. 4.1 2004.
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"NSA Acronyms"
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Sunday, March 07, 2004

In About 13 Hours From....Now...

I have to give my speech on Cryptology and Ciphers. God help the kids in that class, for I fear I'm going to loose them with the terminology. But, it has to be done, otherwise I can't really inform them, now can I?

I'll have the text/audio transcript of the speech up tomorrow when I get back from class.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

The Results of Project Persephone

There's a section of the South Alabama map, specifically the dorms. I found some interesting APs in the Beta and Delta dorms. My integrated Broadcom 54G sucks, which is why I couldn't log in every single WAP, because it doesn't have the strength to reach far. But I plan to go again when I have a orinoco card.

Here's my car:

Here's my friend Sam:

Here's the Beta 5 dorms, where hungsqurrel's AP is:

Here's the Beta 4 dorms, where the linksys AP was found:

Here's the Delta dorms, where I found mori and linksys:
Almost Time...

Project Persephone will be executing soon, as soon as my friend Sam gets here.

More Updates Later...

Friday, March 05, 2004

Update on E-mail

I got a BS e-mail from someone at clearchannel (owners of WPMI), and this is what it says:

Thank you for your comments.

Joe Raia – News Director

Those bastards. I bet they think they're right and I'm wrong. I hate the media. This is the first time I've had a personal experience with bad reporting, which has opened my eyes to realize this probably goes on a lot more than I notice, since I am not well versed in some of the things that someone else may know.

Russell Hoover and Brian Johnson are lame. Just remember that if they ever appear on TV again.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

False Reporting

You know, if you don't know shit about something, and tell thousands of people false statements that will make them paranoid, there's something very wrong.

WPMI NBC-15 (local) in Mobile, Alabama, where I live, did a report of Wardrivers. But, they didn't use the term "Wardriving". Instead, they opted for "Drive By Hacking" which makes wardrivers sound like killers. And this is just the start of the problem. Here's a link to the article and the video that goes along with it:

Now, here's the e-mail I sent to the head departments at WPMI addressing my concerns:
I am writing this e-mail in response to "Drive By Hacking", by Brian Johnson. To begin, the wrong terminology is used in the report. The term "hacker" is defined as a "noble activity to satisfy one’s curiosity and educate oneself on a complex piece of hardware or software. It’s all about learning, not destruction. As a matter of fact, hackers have their own “code” which mainly consists of one phrase: “Do no harm.” It’s okay to probe for weaknesses or gain access to a system so long as no data is damaged or destroyed and the administrator of the system is notified of the vulnerability so it can be fixed or “patched.”' (

Also, using the term "Drive by hacking" sounds similar to "drive by shooting". In no way are hackers like a criminal and/or killer. That play on words is destructive to the hacking community. The term you're looking for is Wardriving. Wardriving is defined as "Driving around looking for wireless networks." ( There is nothing in that definition that states that Wardrivers seek to gain unlawful access to another person's network. Wardriving started as mapping out wireless networks via a laptop, car, and gps. Which is still true today.

Assuming that one could get credit card information via unsecured 802.11 wireless networks is unfounded in your report and only meant to cause everyone to be paranoid. To quote the report, "Experts say home users should change this password on their router so it only takes connections from your computer." Changing the router password to the admin console stops people from using the defaults to access it. It has nothing to do with someone getting connected to the access point, and you can still access that admin console from ANY PC, if you have the correct password/username. " If the SSID is turned off on all of the systems while a hacker is driving by, they will not be able to find your computer system." That is a false statement. A program named "Kismet" does the job of sniffing out Wi-Fi based on passive scanning, rather than active scanning found in NetworkStumbler. Turning off the SSID does nothing.

Wardrivers are not at all bad. When someone does something illegal to a wireless network, or any other network or computer system, they are no longer hackers, but crackers (criminal hackers). It's this kind of bias in the media that gives hackers a bad name.

Also, your report was filled with bad grammer, elementary nonsense, and an utter lack of knowledge on the subject. Even Russell Hoover doesn't know much of what he's talking about, and to someone who doesn't know anything about hackers, you're ready to call anyone that can click a mouse an "expert" on the subject, and thus and end-all means to discuss his skewed ideas.

So far I'm still waiting on a response. I sent the e-mail around 20 minutes ago, so I'll see what happens tomorrow. And if no one corrects them on things they get wrong, they, and all of their viewers will think they're right. And thus let the paranoia ensue.

And in other news, Project Persephone is going pretty good, my friend Sam and I are going to USA this Sat.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Project "Persephone"

Mapping every single WAP at the University of South Alabama, down to within a precise point, and then mapping that point.
That's what I'm going to do with this project. It'll be really fun, and I'm gonna start it this weekend. So if you see a black Nissan 240SX going slow around the dorms, it's just me and my laptop, searching for 802.11a/g WAPs. I'll get as close as I can with wardriving, then I'll find a place to park and warwalk until I find a good, general location as to where the Wi-Fi is. Since I don't have a GPS (it would make life so much easier), I'm gonna have to do it the old school way, using a nice, big map of South Alabama, to mark in my access points. I'll be saving the files from NetStumbler as well. Here's what I'm going to be marking down:

Open or Closed Node (no encryption, WEP/WPA)

Monday, March 01, 2004

Testing Out Pings, and linking to a cool blog

Check out JsutTechy's website ( , it's pretty cool. And I'm also sending him a trackback (ping) as well. :)
Wardriving a Broken Member

So the other day I was out wardriving my college campus, University of South Alabama. I drove around all the usual places you'd expect to find an AP, such as the frat houses and the dorms. And, guess what? I found an AP that read "hungsquirrel", and for those of you that don't know, he posts on . And I sent him a message on AIM, and it turns out it was him! Heh, it's a small world after all. So, today, after speech class, I plan to wardrive his dorm section again, and see if I can get a better Signal+ than -83 (On my desk in my room, I get -63 or so from my AP). So that'll be fun. And today in speech class, I have to listen to all the people give their informative speeches. Oh joy. It's not that I don't like this class, but some of these kids are boring (but, a few are really entertaining). Oh, and if you have a blog (you know who I'm talking about), write it in the comments, 'cause I know ya have one. Well, More Updates Later...

EDIT: OK, here's what happened when I went wardriving today:
I opened up my laptop and netstumbler, and drove from the mitchell center to the Beta dorms. "Ding Ding", my laptop found the SSID "hungsquirrel" again, so this time I parked my car immediatly after seeing it, and began to narrow it down by warwalking. I opened up the graph and watched it in real time as I walked, and I could see it getting closer and closer. I got all the way to -29 on Signal+ !!! Here's a screenshot: